Orlando Business Acquisition Lawyer

Interested in selling or acquiring an Orlando business? Spire Law attorneys frequently represent our Florida clients in business purchases, acquisitions and sales. Whether the business acquisition is an asset or stock purchase, there are many legal issues involved in Orlando business acquisitions. Our Orlando, Florida attorneys will walk you through this complicated process and make sure that you are fully advised of the legal issues so that all your goals and objectives in the acquisition are met.

We frequently deal with Florida business acquisition issues like:

Florida Business Purchase Agreement- There are many terms in the initial business purchase agreement that contain legal language and can have a great deal of impact on the entire acquisition. For example, if the business purchase is for purposes of obtaining a visa, there are special considerations. Additionally, there are special contingencies that you may wish to include in a business purchase agreement for extra protection. For example, the landlord’s approval of an assignment of the lease may be a contingency. These contingencies can not only help with a business acquisition going through but can also prevent you from losing the deposit money.

Entity Formation- Typically for an asset purchase, the acquisition should be made in the form of a corporation or LLC. Spire Law's Florida attorneys can help you form your Corporation or LLC.  

Due Diligence- This is arguably one of the most important aspects in the acquisition or sale of a business. The period of time for due diligence is specified in the Business Purchase Agreement. This can sometimes be extended, but it is crucial to not let it expire if more time is necessary. If you are acquiringing the business, it is important to have the right Florida legal team in place for due diligence and know what you are looking for. Typically due diligence includes items such as, financial statements, bank statements, tax returns, inventory lists, employment contracts, lien searches, etc. If you are the seller, it is important that you comply with all due diligence requests or the buyer may be able to back out of the acquisition.  

Other Legal Issues- Throughout the acquisition there are often other legal issues that arise. For example, issues with commercial leases, inheriting Florida employment contracts, seller financing terms to ensure the success of the acquisition, franchise approval, etc. Having an experienced Florida business attorney can help you navigate these complex legal issues as they arise.  

Closing- Typically, a neutral third-party attorney will prepare the closing documents. It is imperative to have a Florida attorney review these documents on your behalf to make sure they match the understanding between the parties. One word in a legal document can change its entire meaning. Having an experienced Florida business attorney to ensure the success of your acquisition is vital.  

We are also an Affiliate Member of the Business Brokers of Florida.

Orlando Florida Closing Attorney and Escrow Services

Attention Brokers: Our business closing attorneys can draft all the closing paperwork and perform your closing. We make the process as simple as possible and can make sure you have all the documents necessary for your acquisition:

  • Closing Agreement
  • Asset Allocation  
  • Bill of Sale
  • Indemnification Agreement
  • Promissory Note
  • Guaranty  
  • Seller Affidavit  
  • Covenant Not to Compete
  • Schedule A
  • Cooperation Agreement  
  • Closing Statement  
  • Lien Search

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